Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I am a little bit better now.
I am beginning to get a handle on things (albeit an infinitesimally small handle...)
Alpha has begun and the fears that I had are still present but confidence and excitement have pushed them away for the time being.
I am aware that I am riding a very thin line right now. Satan may have won a lot of battles when I was away and out of my element but I am back in "comfort".
I feel confident and "right".
Everything seems to be good.

...I am wary of an ambush.
The quintessential time to destroy your enemy is when they have hope and a difference seems sure.
My hope has never taken flight. It is always murdered when I feel safe.
Where is safe haven?
...With the Lord, in the shadow of His wings....
Can I be in that shadow when my shame keeps me from even acknowledging His presence?
I am done,

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