Sunday, August 30, 2009


the secret blog about a secret time where a boy and his new found friends went on a secret journey to a secret place and did secret things that changed his life
his life was changed and his path was found
he believed it all and stumbled not...lie
he stumbled some but found his way and true realization came
hunger came but he denied it and conquered the strongest of them all
he desired for the happy place but was denied and therefore could not truly relax but that is ok
busy as a bee yet slow as a sloth
hoo hum the boy sang as he went on his merry way

the sisters of the boy became endangered by it and he was required to play the knight
"He spoke and it was so"
what shall we do when confronted by the dilema of none
shall we sit back and listen to music
as amazing as it may be i think not
dost thou think thine own is exceedingly to thine
help is so far but He is always there
i have given away everything and i desire nothing but this
that is all

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