Monday, August 17, 2009


I have been being prepared for this moment and every moment to come by all the moments of my current and future past.
Every action, thought, word, intention, has all been for a purpose...
Why am I aware of this path?
What is important about this path that I am only aware of this result?
Am I not the central character in my life?
What could be happening that my life and choices are meant to influence?
Is my life not meant to be right so that others may learn?
I have ultimate control but ultimate control is beyond my grasp.
Something is there that I must find but apparently I am not a Hufflepuff...
I guess you could consider this a poem but it is really a just a poor wretch writing with out inhibitions in a random assortment of codes that mean something to this poor wretch...
The signs tell me that I am meant to feel guilty but the processor does not allow the emoter to function properly
...malfunction...require input...
Input...Ha!...I have enough input to last most people several lifetimes...
The path I am on is not the path I would have chosen.
Why was I allowed to continue?
Does not the fact that I have realization mean anything?
Why can I not take that one small step for man, that giant leap for man's soul...
There is a hole that must be ripped out
A darkness inside that feeds on...on
I see others and wonder
and yet I know I must give them a shadow and a gift
Overly Cryptic Description...
In apropos of nothing
Wolfgang, Ludwig, and Fredric are my savers
Open and more or less willing
but not able apparently
Continued attempts led to disappointment...
Something has failed within me
Something is still the same
I am through
Me is gone,
Me needs to change,
Me will not leave!!
Me is not...ME!
I feel a different one inside and he has told me who that one is but he was wrong.
Who is that one?
Please tell me!

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